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From colourless to fancy Diamonds, at T.A.E we keep the fifth C of Confidence close to heart as we understand that the 4 C's is not where it ends as the necessity for trust is becoming more and more important especially as the e-commerce trade grows. The Diamonds we offer pass through a strict selection process to ensure T.A.E's high-quality standards are met and maintained every single time. All our Gems can be considered worthwhile investments that can either be stored away as high-value moveable assets, alternatively given away as a unique gift or made into that extra special jewellery piece of your dreams. T.A.E can offer you the much-needed advice that you may be searching for as well as offering our Bespoke jewellery design services, so please get in touch anytime!

T.A.E's Diamonds may only be imported from legitimate sources. We act accordingly and can thus ensure that our diamonds are consistent with the enacted UN resolutions 1171, 1173, 1306 and 1343. In addition, we can confirm that our diamonds are of natural origin. We can also clarify we do not deal with any diamonds sourced from Marange, Zimbabwe due to legal and moral considerations.

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