10% of Every Purchase Supports African Wildlife Conservation.

T.A.E's Story

Our Mission Statement

''The Pride of Africa offering extraordinary treasures and experiences, peace & tranquillity, using business as a means to inspire and support environmental activism''

You will notice our company emblem as a Golden-eye with Africa in the middle of a Precious Gem as the pupil, this resembles the richness of Africa in all shapes and forms in particularly the magical environment and fascinating wildlife, therefore we feel it is our responsibility as human beings to ensure these areas & the wildlife survive for generations to come. With this in mind though always an uphill battle we decided to give away 10% of all Jewellery & Gem Art purchases to African conservation organisations that meet our strict ideals and best of all our customers get to choose who we support. 


The Original Collectible

From the earliest civilisations of ancient Egypt down to the later days of the Kingdom of Zimbabwe and the scramble for Africa our minerals have always been the most alluring attraction to man. The Egyptians mastered and brought to the world the skills of metallurgy, mining, and the crafting of jewellery using fine gemstones since then Gold, Diamonds and various coloured gemstones have always been synonymous with Africa.
T.A.E - Jewellery & Gem Art is an African inspired brand designed and distributed globally from Germany with a focus on creating awareness and support for African wildlife conservation with every purchase.

 Luxury African Travel

T.A.E - Travel specialises in creating only the most luxurious and exciting African travel itineraries whether you choose one of our sought-after tours or require a bespoke travel arrangement we are here to serve you every step of the way. Travel can be a daunting task at the best of times and we can fully appreciate this ensuring our itineraries unfold as effortlessly as possible, really nothing is overlooked making your stay a pleasant and memorable experience. 


Whos Behind The Brand 

                                                                                          *Mike on the right

Michael Lewis is of British/German ancestry his Great Grandfather ran the upscale retail department store Lewis Lewis in Wales, later on, both of Mike’s parents were born in Africa namely Rhodesia and South Africa. Mike’s adventurous spirit and fascination with minerals may be attributed to his upbringing in the African bush as well as his grandfather's mining interests many decades ago. Mike is a qualified Gemmologist and is a fellow of the German Gemmological Association. Mike's main drive for T.A.E. is supporting the very urgent and necessary conservation efforts across the African continent as well as inspiring fellow entrepreneurs on how they can create a purpose & vision for their business that transcends the usual motivations that drive people to choose entrepreneurship.